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Medical Alert Plans

We understand you have many choices when it comes to different companies selling medical alert systems, which is why we are here to answer any questions you may have. If you are confused in any way, please call or email us and let us use our 18 years experience helping seniors live more active and independent lives. We can suggest what is best for you based on your specific needs.

LifeWatch USA 2-Way Voice Medical Alert System

Medical Alert System
*Model size and color may vary.

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Other Popular Products and Services:

*Model size and
color may vary.
Fall detector
The Fall Detector has a built-in tilt device, which can detect if the person holding it is in a horizontal position, such as lying on the floor. The sensor will automatically send an alarm when its position corresponds to horizontally after a certain time. Pressing its central red button will activate a help call at any time.

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
LifeWatch USA Speaker Pendant -
Two-way communication device!
Get a Free month when you pay annually.

Now have true two-way voice conversations in and around your home.

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
LifeWatch USA cellular-based
in home system
No phone? No problem!
Our new Cellular Medical Alert System enables persons without phone service the ability to have a medical alert system in their home.

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
Anywhere Alert 911
ONE TOUCH DIRECT CONNECT to 911 for help away from home for seniors.

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
Cellular Medical Alarm with GPS (Mobile Alert System) - Protection Away From Home
• Help anytime, anywhere - Live the active       lifestyle you want to
• Great for Protection away from home
• Get emergency help,driving directions,           medical records and more
• Press one button (SOS) to live call
  center w/GPS locating
• 2-way voice speaker phone
• With GPS OnStar technology
• Small, lightweight and NOW waterproof
• Wearable as watch or necklace, on belt, in      pocket, purse, or car
• Easy cradle for charging
• Displays time and date

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
FREE Wireless Security System
Get complete home protection with a LIFEWatch USA medical alarm and our Wirelss

The All Digital, All Wireless System includes:
• GE Simon XT
• 3 Intrusion Sensors
• 1 Motion Detector - pet-friendly
• Keychain Remote
• Battery back up
• Yard signs

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
LIFEWatch USA medreminder will call, text, or email when it is time to take your medicine. Then a follow-up call for compliance. If reminder is not acknowledged, caregiver and/ or family are notified.

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
The LIFEWatch USA MedMonitoring is a med dispenser that makes it easy for seniors to take their medicines and allows our EMT care center to know right away if you don't take your medications. We will then call you and remind you. If no answer we will notify family and others. We can also remind you or your loved ones about your refills.

(Call for details and pricing)

*Model size and
color may vary.
The CareWatch
The new Carewatch combines all the benefits of an emergency alert system with the functionality and convenience of a wrist watch. All with a sleek design verses a traditional big senior alert button on wrist or necklace.

Protection for nearly every emergency.

In addition to our Personal Emergency Response Systems, LifeWatch USA provides many additional life-saving products for families and seniors.

*Model size and
color may vary.
Monitored Smoke Detectors
Much safer than your ordinary smoke detector, LifeWatch USA smoke detectors also alert our 24-hour monitoring center that you need help. First, we'll attempt to contact you to verify the alarm. Then, we'll send fire responders to your home immediately.

• Advanced smoke detection
• 24-hour monitoring
• Protection even if your're not at home

*Model size and
color may vary.
Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Carbon monoxide is silent, odorless and deadly. Sadly, most carbon monoxide deaths occur before the victims even know something is wrong. Our early-warning detectors are programmed with your medical alarm and will alert you at the first sign of danger. Even more, we'll send help to your home automatically to make sure you're alright.

• Advanced carbon detection
• 24-hour monitoring

*Model size and
color may vary.
MediLok Lockbox
This smart device keeps a key to your home locked inside a metal casing. If you're unable to open the door during an emergency, the Lifewatch USA care specialists will give the combination to emergency responders. The result? Quick, safe entry to your home, easy access if you lose your key, and no broken doors!

• Fits up to 5 standard size house keys
• Easy to program
• 10,000+ code combinations
• Durable all-metal construction

medical alert pendant

*Model size and
color may vary.
Extra Medical Alert Pendants
Need an extra panic button for your spouse? Would you like to have extra medical pendants in rooms throughout the house? We're happy to provide as many medical alert pendants as you'd like, for only an additional $5.00 each per month.

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Easy to use – right out of the box for by mail customers.
Rest assured, all of our medical alert systems and PERS products are very easy to use. Plus, they're backed by 24-hour professional monitoring and 30 years of experience in personal emergency response.

Local personal caring in home set ups by Lifewatch USA specialists available upon request in most areas. 

Call 888.650.6837 for help on
choosing the right medical alert system

Free Month of Medical Alert System monitoring
How do our medical alarms work?

No long-term contracts
EMT-certified monitoring center
Medicine reminders
Fall detectors
Long medical alarm battery life
    (Up to 5 days)
Great medical alarm wireless range
    (up to 1500 ft.)
Cellular GPS Medical Alarms
Medi–Lok lockbox
Swiss watch medical pendant
Senior Cell Phones
Remote Speakers
Voice remote phone answering
    from pendant
Talking Speaker Pendants
Medical Video Monitoring
Medicine Reminders
Fall Detectors
Tele medicine
Vital monitoring

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