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Cellular Medical Alarm w/ GPS
(mobile alert system)

24-hour personal emergency response.
Whether you’re at home or miles away.

Simply press one button 24/7 anywhere in US and canada and get help from our care center with 2 way voice communication and GPS location technology.

Track your loved ones via the Internet or your cell phone.

Did you ever call your loved ones at home and get no answer? Now, you can turn to the internet or your cell phone and see where Mom or Dad is with this medical alert alarm that also functions as a phone.

At half the size of a deck of playing cards, the Lifewatch USA Cellular Medical Alarm can be easily concealed or attached to a loved one, a pet, or even a valuable asset.
Help anytime, anywhere - Live the active lifestyle you want to
One button, water proof pendant that displays the time and date
Easy cradle for charging - 24-hour rechargeable battery with a short charging time of only 4 hours
Use as a watch or a necklace - Optional lanyards or watch bands
Locate your loved ones or valuables with the click of a button or a phone call
"SOS" button sends an alert to monitoring center with voice and GPS
Dedicated call center provides technical assistance and customer support
Get emergency help, driving directions, medical records and more
Tri-band modem for worldwide coverage, with a highly sensitive GPS module

Part tracking device, part medical alert,
part cell phone...

The LifeWatch USA Cellular Medical Alarm allows you to know the precise location of the device – anywhere in the world – with a few Internet keystrokes, or simply by placing a phone call.

In addition to the tracking capability, the device also functions as a cell phone. The LifeWatch USA Cellular Medical Alarm easily fits into a pocket or backpack. An SOS panic button allows the user to alert their loved ones in an emergency. Families with aging relatives can be free from worry that their loved ones can reach them at a moment's notice and transmit their exact location if they need assistance.

Two Great Packages

$39.95 Per Month - Paid Annually
• Emergency Out Only
• No Other Fees
$44.95 Per Month -Paid Quarterly
• Includes 75 Internet Locates
• Emergency Out Only
• No Other Fees

Big Button Senior Cell Phones
with no contracts also available

Call for more details or to order

Free Month of Medical Alert System monitoring
How do our medical alarms work?

No long-term contracts
EMT-certified monitoring center
Medicine reminders
Fall detectors
Long medical alarm battery life
    (Up to 5 days)
Great medical alarm wireless range
    (up to 1500 ft.)
Cellular GPS Medical Alarms
Medi–Lok lockbox
Swiss watch medical pendant
Senior Cell Phones
Remote Speakers
Voice remote phone answering
    from pendant
Talking Speaker Pendants
Medical Video Monitoring
Medicine Reminders
Fall Detectors
Tele medicine
Vital monitoring

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